Music Teacher's National Association (MTNA)

Music Achievement Award Program

This program is designed by my professional organization, Music Teachers National Association, and is offered to all the students in my music studio.  The program is planned to help encourage students to continue their music study and to strive to achieve goals that will help them not only become better musicians but that will enhance their love for and appreciation of music.

In September, each student receives a list of goals for them.  Parents are encouraged to approve the goals by signing and returning the "Goals list" along with the small fee listed as follows:

To implement the program and purchase the official award trophy that is available to me, I need to collect a small participation fee in the amount of $15 for each student.  Should you decide not to participate in the program, the goals are still set up for the students.  However, the opportunity for the student to receive a certificate and collect these trophies, as well as see their names in the paper the following summer, is added incentive to participate in the program by paying the small fee listed above.  Another added incentive is that this is a great award to list on college and scholarship applications!

Please show your support of each student by encouraging them to reach their goals by the April deadline listed on the "Goals list". 

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Statz.

The following students are going after their 2024 Achievement Goals:

Alex B., Luna C., Grace H., Norah K., Yiduo L.,  Jane M.,  Camden O.,  Elizabeth P., Julia P., Petrah W.