The Statz Music Studio respects the privacy of its students and their families. The following explains how Mrs. Statz collects, uses and safeguards your information. 


All information collected is kept on record in the students files as well as on a data base for quick reference in case of an emergency.  Information collection may include the first lesson information sheet, any e-mail and verbal information that you supply, digital and video recordings.  


The Statz Music Studio may, on occasion, send you e-mails regarding studio news, events and any other information that you will want to know.  E-mails are used in a group e-mail setting to contact students/parents quickly but, when used, are done so in a "blind copy" situation unless e-mail is going only to those who need to be connected via e-mail.  When possible, permission will be received prior to such an e-mailing will occur.  Students who wish for me to have their e-mail will be kept in the same confidential matter.  Parents will always receive an e-mail from me if the student is receiving one from me.  A student's birthday is acknowledged on a calendar in the studio only.  Students names may appear on the studio website but only their first name and last initial will be used.   Students who receive certain awards, such as the Achievement Award or a WMTA award, may have their full names appear in the Leader Telegram.  If you wish to not be listed as such, just contact Mrs. Statz to sign for the removal of your name from any public notices.  Students full names will appear in Studio Recitals.  A map of the student's home is kept in a back room just in case I need to quickly learn where someone lives in order to drop off music or know which students live near each other for duet purposes.  Again, exact addresses are not shared unless prior permission is given.


Digital recordings may be done periodically.  These are for learning and preserving purposes only.  Parents will always receive the recording via e-mail.  You may keep these for your virtual "scrap books".  Recordings are kept in the studio computer in case you ever loose yours.  Sometimes they may be deleted so please be sure to keep the recording for yourself if you don't want to loose them.  

Videos are rarely, but on occasion, used.  However, if students are doing duets and/or ensembles, a video recording may be done upon request or just for learning purposes.  If the students involved in the recording wish to have a copy for their records just bring in a DVD and a copy will be made for you.  A copy release form will need to be signed by all parents of students involved in the recording prior to the release of that DVD.  Personal videos are not shared with other students ever.  Lessons may be video taped on occasion for the learning purposes of the teacher only.  They will never be shared publicly, nor online, and they will be deleted once teaching info is obtained by Mrs. Statz.  This helps Mrs. Statz become a better teacher.  You will be made aware of these in-lesson videos for learning purposes prior to the taping.  Videos from You Tube may be shared in a group lesson or in private lessons to gain appreciation for the music.  All such videos will be viewed prior to showing and appropriate for those viewing.  The Statz Music Studio is not responsible for video recording of recitals by other parents.  I would ask that parents respect others and not share them online.

Group photos are taken at the end of each recital.  The photo is saved on a thumb drive and printed for the studio memory book.  Student photos, as such, will not be shared with anyone else.  If you would like a picture of your student after a recital, we are happy to take it and share it with you.  Again, parents, please do not put group student photos online.  The Statz Music website will never post student photos.  If students' families wish to have their photo on the studio website, we are happy to do so after a copy release form is signed by the parents.


By attending lessons at the Statz Music Studio, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy. The Statz Music Studio reserves the right to change this policy at any time.