Recital News 

Recitals are a great way for students to share their talents with others.  Each recital helps a student grow more confident in their playing.  Compliments from others is very satisfying!  Students should plan to perform in at least one recital in the Spring and in the Fall.  Memorization is encouraged.

Recital dress: Dress nicely:  No Jeans, shorts, tennis shoes or flip flops.

Important: When you sign up for a recital, BLOCK off that hour for the recital.  Just as you would stay to the end of a soccer game, an ice skating show, or a baseball/football game when your child is part of that "team", signing up for a recital puts your child on the "team" for that hour.  Each child needs the support of the others on the "team", in other words, they need the support of the others in their recital.  The recital is done when the group picture is taken at the END of the recital.  Please keep this in mind when signing up for recitals.

There are performer/guest limits at some of these performances so choices will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Songs can be chosen once we know what recital is chosen.  Our goal is no repeated songs so that each performer has something of their own to share and be proud of and so that the listeners get to hear many different songs.  Solos & ensembles are welcome at most recitals!

2022-2023 Recitals - 

**November 5 - CVMTA (Chippewa Valley Music Teacher's Association) Fall Gala - BAM (Books A Million) - sometime between 10-6 - we will be assigned a time for my studio
  1. Caleb B. - Dill Pickle Stomp by  Nancy Faber
  2. Kate B. - Pumpkin Dance by Timothy Brown
  3. Matthew B. - Alpha from "Minecraft" by Daniel Rosenfeld
  4. MacKenzie D. - Optimistic Voices
  5. Grace H. - Tritone Tarantella
  6. Claire K. - Pumpkin Patch by Rebecca Lewis
  7. Lylah L. - A Scream on Halloween by Wendy Stevens
  8. Edwin M. - The Pumpkin Boogie
  9. Julia P. - Pumpkin, Pumpkin
  10. Jacob S. - The Bubble

Duets: Grace H. & Julia P. - Getting "A round" Two It by Mary K. Sallee
           Matthew B. & Edwin M. - Mexican Festival by Carol Matz
           Kate B. & Caleb B. - Autumn Celebration
           MacKenzie D. & Sandra S. - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

**December 3 - 1:00 pm - Holiday Recital - Dove West: 1403 True Blvd; Eau Claire - MASKS REQUIRED (temp check may be required).  Enter through the community room - enter from Truax blvd...stay to the right, go up the hill, enter at the "Community Room" entrance.  Flutes can unmask while playing.
  1. Mandy D.
  2. MacKenzie D. - 
  3. Gloria G.
  4. Graham G. - Carol of the Bells
  5. Jane M. - Frosty the Snowman
  6. Suzy M.
  7. Julia P.
  8. Jacob S.
  9. Petrah W.


**December 10 - 2:00 pm - MASKS REQUIRED - Lake Hallie Memory Care - 4407 124th Street, Chippewa Falls - LIMIT 10 Students - FULL
  1. Matthew B. - Christmas Chimes
  2. Henry D. - Rudolph the REd-Nosed Reindeer
  3. Claire K.
  4. Lylah L. - Deck the Halls
  5. Arthur M.
  6. Edwin M.
  7. Isaac P.
  8. Elizabeth P.
  9. Shanna V. - Silent Night
  10. Ting Ting Y.
Duet: Shanna V. & Ting Ting Y. - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

**January 28 - 4:00 pm - CVMTA Collaborative Recital - Lighthouse Baptist Church - students learn a piece that require 2 or more people and perform the piece together.
  1. Grace H.
  2. Claire K.
  3. Jacob S.

**February 4 - 3-6 pm - Pajamarama Recital - The Statz Studio - Students wear modest/appropriate PJ's and come to enjoy making music in a recital format with 2-3 other families.
  1. Gloria G.
  2. Graham G.
  3. Claire K.
  4. Lylah L.
  5. Jane M.
  6. Arthur M.
  7. Edwin M.
  8. Isaac P.
  9. Elizabeth P.
  10. Julia P.
  11. Jacob S.
  12. Petrah W.

**February - February 4 OR 11 (TBA) - Piano only - CVMTA Master Class - This is for high school or advanced middle school students. 
  1. Matthew B.

**February 25 - Audition Prep Recital - 3:30 pm Lighthouse Baptist Church (1814 Bellinger Street) - all students participating in WMTA or WFMC play in this recital with their audition pieces.
  1. Caleb B.
  2. Kate B.
  3. Matthew B.
  4. Mandy D.
  5. MacKenzie D. - 
  6. Graham G.
  7. Claire K.
  8. Lylah L.
  9. Jane M.
  10. Suzy M.
  11. Isaac P.
  12. Julia P.
  13. Jacob S.
  14. Shanna V.
  15. Petrah W.
  16. Ting Ting Y.

**April 22 - Current requirements: families sign in & a temp check is done upon arrival, MASKS REQUIRED (flute players can remove masks while performing only)
(NOTE THE TIME BELOW) Spring Recitals - Grace Edgewood Assisted Living:  2512 Spooner Avenue
10:30 am: (FULL)
  1. Henry D.
  2. MacKenzie D. 
  3. Claire K.
  4. Lylah L.
  5. Jacob S.
1:30 pm: (can accept 1 more family)
  1. Gloria G.
  2. Graham G.
  3. Arthur M.
  4. Edwin M.
  5. Elizabeth P.
  6. Julia P.

I HIGHLY encourage ALL students to participate in the WMTA auditions this year on April 1.  Please see more info below and on the WMTA page.

**March 4 - WFMC (Federation) Festival - See the WFMC page for more details
**Usually first Sat. of April - WSMA Auditions
**April 1 - WMTA District Auditions - see the WMTA page for more details
**Usually First Saturday of May - WSMA State at UWEC
**May 13 - WMTA Regional at UWLC (for piano) - see the WMTA page for more details
**May 13 - WMTA State at UW-Oshkosh (for Flute & Adults) - see the WMTA page for more details
**May 20 - WMTA State Piano - center of the state
**May 13 - WFMC (Federation) State - Milwaukee